Saturday, June 15, 2024

Search Engine Friendly Website Design

Many of the most popular web design techniques can hurt your chances of ranking high on the search engines. Q Social Media, Ltd. will help you or your web designer create an Informational or E-Commerce web site that is designed from the ground up to rank high on the major search engines. From choosing the most profitable keywords to providing a search engine friendly shopping cartQ Social Media, Ltd. can meet and exceed any internet marketing need that your business may have.

This service will allow the web designer to create an organically optimized web site from the ground up, increasing the chances of ranking well on the major search engines

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. The service includes the following:

  • SEO Site Design Consulting – We review the design, graphics, use of technologies, architecture, navigation, and coding to help the developers create a search engine-friendly site

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    . Search engines are unable to read or understand many of the most recent techniques used by web developers. We’ll recommend any workarounds that might be necessary so that your site is as welcoming to search engines as possible, without sacrificing the visitor’s experience.

  • Keyword Research – We determine which search terms the site should be used to optimize the site and provide a report with a list of hundreds of potential search terms.  We will also provide a report on how to use the keywords throughout the web site to increase traffic and web site usability.
  • Search Engine Submission – We will submit your web site to the top major search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and MSN.


Q Social Media, Ltd. can develop a search engine friendly site for your organization. We can also work with your web design company or a business owner that may be building their own web site to help them create an organically optimized web site for the search engines.